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Approved Budget For 2004 -2007

All information contained on this website is intended for the purpose of converting our "mandatory" HOA to a "voluntary" HOA. This website contains many facts herein which are supported with actual copies of documents and/or figures that were supplied to me from our HOA and/or Management Company. All other writings herein are based on my beliefs and/or thoughts on these issues.


Below, you will find links to our previous and current approved budgets. There are many aspects of these budget approvals that might make you very mad. If you would please take the time to visit the page containing my previously written letter, I am sure you will see exactly what I mean about how I feel that our money is being poorly spent. Please take a few moments to look over the budgets, as well, just to see that I did not make up any of the numbers. I have supplied you with a link to my previously written letter page. Thank you.
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img Actual copy of Crestridge Association, Inc. approved 2007 budget which includes 2006 as well img
img Actual copy of Crestridge Association, Inc. approved 2005 budget which includes 2004 as well img

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