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3 Very Important Proxies

All information contained on this website is intended for the purpose of converting our "mandatory" HOA to a "voluntary" HOA. This website contains many facts herein which are supported with actual copies of documents and/or figures that were supplied to me from our HOA and/or Management Company. All other writings herein are based on my beliefs and/or thoughts on these issues.


Below you will find the 3 different proxies that I have referred to many times throughout this website. I have tried to be a thorough as possible in the wording of all 3 proxies. If you have made it to this page, then I will assume that you are on your way towards printing and filling them out. Please write legibly when filling out these proxies, for the future of our community depends greatly on the accuracy of this process. I thank you again for taking the time to participate in this transitional step towards a more comfortable way of life for all who live within the confines of this community. Your help is sincerely appreciated. They want voter turnout? Let's give them voter turnout.

Vote to have a Special Meeting called by the Board of Directors for purpose of Dissolution

Vote to have Crestridge Homeowners Association dissolved

Vote to have a new Voluntary Homeowners Association created

After completing all 3 proxies, the next step is to get them into my hands. There are 3 ways of doing that. First way...mail it to me. My address is listed near the bottom of the page. Second way...stop by and hand it directly to me or my wife. Third me and let me know that you would like me to pick it up and I will be glad to come to your home.

I will keep all of you posted as to how many proxies I have received for each topic. Below you can view my running totals. I will try and update at least every other day. Feel free to come back and check the count totals. Your vote counts here.

Proxy 1: call Special Meeting: 1/8 vote is required, which equals 50 of the 393 votes. We have 1 to date.

Proxy 2: Dissolution of HOA: 2/3 vote is required, which equals 262 of the 393 votes. We have 1 to date.

Proxy 3: creation of Voluntary HOA: no specific requirement is given for this situation, but due to the fact that the previously Mandatory HOA would at this point be dissolved already, I would have to say that a solid majority count, would win this vote. Therefore, over 1/2 vote would be required, which equals 197 of the 393 votes. We have 1 to date.

Thus far in this website, I have chosen to omit all of my personal information. I have made every attempt possible to disclose all governing documents to you, and them some. Therefore, making it possible for you to print a copy for your own records, without my name and address being attached to your new copies. I would now like to take this time to personally thank you for reading and hopefully participating in what I am trying to help accomplish for this community. And, as for who I am...

Hello, my name is Matt, my wife's name is Teresa, and we have a 15 year old son, Nik. My address is 9306 Bending Crest and I moved out here from California a little over 2 years ago to give my family and I a better way of life. This website is an attempt to do just that. If you need to contact me, please email me at the link below. I would not mind making an appointment with you for a one on one chat about the issues at hand, but I do ask of you, please do not come knocking on my door without first having an arrangement made with me, through email. Thank you for your understanding on this issue.


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