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Articles Of Incorporation Of Crestridge Association, Inc.

All information contained on this website is intended for the purpose of converting our "mandatory" HOA to a "voluntary" HOA. This website contains many facts herein which are supported with actual copies of documents and/or figures that were supplied to me from our HOA and/or Management Company. All other writings herein are based on my beliefs and/or thoughts on these issues.


Below, you will find a link containing a copy of our Articles of Incorporation. Feel free to read the whole thing if you would like. But, very specifically, I would like you to look at 1 particular Article.

At the bottom of page 4 and continuing onto the top of page 5, you will find Article IX., entitled "Dissolution". This Article is the main basis for me creating this website. It is the 1 bit of power that we, as homeowners, have in this HOA. In simple terms, it states that we can dissolve this Association with a 2/3 vote, from the homeowners. We can then choose to have all rights and assets of the corporation returned to us. This was the 1 rule given to us, for us, which allows us to take control of the situation, when it gets out of control. And, I feel that it is out of control. Please read this Article, before leaving this website. Thank you.

img Actual copy of Articles Of Incorporation Of Crestridge Association, Inc. img
*the above link is a 6 page .pdf file, please allow a few seconds to load*

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