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Subdivision Information, Including Resale Certificate For Property Subject To Mandatory Membership In An Owners' Association

All information contained on this website is intended for the purpose of converting our "mandatory" HOA to a "voluntary" HOA. This website contains many facts herein which are supported with actual copies of documents and/or figures that were supplied to me from our HOA and/or Management Company. All other writings herein are based on my beliefs and/or thoughts on these issues.


Near the bottom of this page, you will find a link to a Resale Certificate. This is a document supplied by Spectrum and Crestridge HOA when a home is purchases in our community. It is 2 pages long and I would encourage you to pull yours out, if you still have it. It is probably located with you closing documents that you received when you moved here. Along with this document, if you could also check to see how the funds were disbursed at the time of closing. Specifically, I am talking about 1 item on your closing costs.

Let me start by pointing out the numbers on the Resale Certificate. Letter "B" states that the current assessment fees were $125 per year (as of 2005). Letters "C", "D", "E", and "G" are all $0 for their specific topics. Letter "K", near the top of page 2, states that there is an Owners' Association's administrative transfer fee of $100, payable to Spectrum. There is no other fee that would be payable to Spectrum or Crestridge HOA at the time of purchasing your home. Only the fees listed on this page, if applicable, would be charged to you or the seller at the time of purchase. Furthermore, if you merely refinance your home, there should be no charge at all. All fees would be supposedly current, and there is no transfer taking place, so there would be no transfer fee, either. I am willing to bet that many of us, if not all of us, have in fact been imposed with another fee. This fee would have been paid straight to Spectrum. It is not listed on the Resale Certificate. However, it would be clearly stated on your disbursement page of your closing documents. This fee, for me was $55, and was my very first battle with Spectrum and Crestridge HOA. Long story short...they still have my money. I bet they have yours, too. When I tried to talk to Spectrum about it, they ignored me. When I tried to talk to Crestridge about it, all they did was call Spectrum and get an answer from them. I believe the answer was...a "statement of account". Supposedly, this is something that they have to supply to lenders when a refinance or purchase takes place to show that everything is current on the property. There is just 1 problem with that. I originally purchased my home with a cash purchase and they charged the sellers, this $55 fee. Not 4 months later, I refinanced my home and they took this $55 fee from me, as well. Spectrum made a total of $110, in less then 4 months, from a fee that doesn't even exist in their own rules. It is my belief that none of this money saw it's way back to our community. I feel that they are wrong for doing this to us. Pick on the little guys long enough and they might just fight back.

img Actual copy of Resale Certificate For Property Subject To Mandatory Membership In An Owners' Association img

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